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9. Text Conversion Dialog

  • Click on Text Conversion button from Main toolbar, and the Interactive Text Conversion dialog will appear as shown below.

Figure 1:

Details on this dialog will be discussed below. Along with above dialog, another dialog box called Attributes appears. Details on Attributes is found on next section.

  • Hold down Shift key and click on Text Conversion button from Main toolbar, and the Batch Text Conversion dialog will appear as shown below.


Figure 2:

Details on this dialog are shown here.

  • At any time hold down Control key and click on Text Conversion button, and all the text conversion related dialogs will be closed at once.


Below is a brief description of Interactive Text Conversion dialog. (See Figure 1 above). Key concept of text conversion feature of TextMaestro spans over several areas such as Attributes, Conversion Schemes and libraries, Batch Conversion, Quick Convert Help and a series of examples.



Find Text

Place your Find text on upper left box.


Replace Text

Place your Replace text on upper right box.



The combination of Find and Replace text which may use wild-card and type-card constitutes a macro.


Input Text

Place your input text on lower left box.


Output Text

TextMaestro places the output from text conversion here. When you hit Convert button from here or Text Conversion Library, the input text is converted to output text using certain rules and schemes and the result goes to the right box above.


a. Enter Find text, b. Enter Replace text, c. Enter Input text, d. Hit Convert button. The result will be displayed on the Output Window.

Find next

Finds next instance of Find text in Input Window.

To Library

Hit this button to open the library, without saving the macro. Hold down control key and hit this button, to save current Find/Replace macro in the library.


Displays a dialog box where user can specify certain attributes for the conversion scheme. Work pad converts the text found on Input window and places the result on Output window.  The dialog will show all the libraries you have created. A library is a set of macros (rules). Each macro is a find-and-replace definition.

Quick Convert Help

Opens a set of slides that displays the rules and regulations of the text conversion scheme. (See below).




Manage Text Buffer

Opens a secondary toolbar where you can manage input texts in buffer (memory), save them to hard disk and retrieve them later. It is convenient when you want to save intermediate text outputs while converting text. (See below).



Scroll text up

Places previous buffer text onto Input Window.

Save to buffer

Saves current Input text to buffer (memory)

Clear text and buffer

Clears the text from Input window, Output window and Message window. Also removes the current item in the buffer.

Dump text to disk

Saves texts from buffer (memory)  to hard disks. For each click on Save to buffer button, one item is inserted to buffer. For each item in the buffer, Dump text to disk operation creates one file in TextMaestro specified directory.

Load text from disk

Allows to retrieve text from hard disk (previously saved by Dump text to disk operation).

Scroll text down

Places next buffer text onto Input Window.