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Example 11: Import/Export Sessions

Recall, TextMaestro saves session information in a special way. The actual information of a session is saved in a leaf-file, and some minimal information about all the sessions is saved in a master file. It is customary to pass around a leaf-file and import the session from it. Here are the steps.



  • Launch TextMaestro. (Suppose My Session has some files as shown).

  • Right click on My Session. A pop-up menu will appear, where you select Load Session.


This will open the following dialog box to enter a valid leaf-file name:

Click on Browse button and locate a valid leaf-file (perhaps from your work-computer, or a friend). As an example:

Hit Ok; this will load the session from this file and place the session on the Project tree as shown here:

<+> indicates that it was an imported item.


To export a session to a file is rather trivial.

First hit the Save button to save everything from memory to disk.

Next, right click on a session and click Properties... on the pop-up menu as shown below.

The following dialog will appear:



Note the information marked by Leaf file where session information is saved. That is the file you need if you were to transfer this session to a different machine.