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Example 10: Cut/Copy/Paste files

Recall, My Vault has multiple Projects. A Project has multiple Sessions. A Session has multiple Baskets. A Basket has multiple file-items. You can move around file-items from one Basket to another, or from one Session to another.

Suppose TextMaestro is set up as follows:





We want to copy first five files of My Session to A New Session.


Select the first five files of My Session, and right click on them. A pop-up menu will appear, where you choose Copy, as shown below:

This dialog will appear:

This dialog will stay open, and you can navigate in your session manager. Click on A New Session, and hit Paste on this green dialog.


The five files will be copied to this session as shown below:

Note that My Session still contains these five files as before. That is, they are now present in both sessions.


Also note that the physical files in your hard disk are not affected from this copy-paste operation. The cut-copy-paste of files here is how TextMaestro manages files in its sessions, nothing to do with the physical files.


We leave the example of cut and paste of files on the reader.