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Example 9: Concatenate Files

You can concatenate a set of files and generate one final file quite comfortably using TextMaestro. Here is a demo.


Suppose you have the following files in your working folder, and you want to concatenate all of them to a single file.


Drag the files onto TextMaestro file list.

Right click on the selection, a pop-up menu will appear and choose steps as shown below:


The following dialog box will appear:


Note that you have choices of predefined macros using which you can control how the final output should look. The macros are:





{$FileText} represents the full text obtained from a file. The rest of the macros used around this one basically customize the output. The hand-written text such as [+]__..., [+]===.. etc. are meant for distinguishing the file text in the final big output in case you want to parse it.


Hit Concatenate above, and you will obtain this:

Double click on file_10-final.txt to review it. Here is the sample: