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Download TextMaestro.msi for free.

Last build: 1.0.735.0. 4-Jul-2008.

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Tools that go with TextMaestro:




Text Editor


Download straight from TextPad

Telnet Terminal


Download straight from TeraTerm

*Download at your own discretion. TextMaestro has no partnership with these tools.




Double click on TextMaestro.msi and follow the installation steps.


Use Add or Remove Program from Windows Control Panel.

Remove TextMaestro remnants:

The installer creates and un-installer deletes the following folder:


However, TextMaestro creates two folders in your system where it saves various user information. They are:



Often they contain valuable information and are worth of keeping for a while. When ready, they need to be deleted manually.

Inline update:

Use Ctrl+Shift+F1 on installed TextMaestro and follow the directions under Check for update >>. (see details below).


Other choices:

(1) If your browser cannot download .msi file, Download TextMaestro.zip file. It contains the above .msi file. Unzip the .zip file and follow the above instructions.


(2) No installer needed. If you do not like the idea of an installer taking control over your system, download each item here, and place them in the same folder. However, we recommend installer mode for the first time to avoid stray images lurking in your system.

a. Download TextMaestro.exe

Main application

b. Download TextMaestro.chm

Help file

Both items need to reside in the same folder.


Inline Update: We strongly recommend to update TextMaestro on your machine in a regular basis. One easy way to do this routine update is to use Ctrl+Shift+F1 and follow directions under Check for update >>. This allows you to update application without manually going to the web. This requires internet connection.

When you execute inline update procedure, the old images are backed up in [Root-dir:]\TextMaestro\BackUp\ directory. For any reason, if the new images do not work, a situation often referred to as dead-on-arrival, you will need to roll back to the backed-up images.



  • User is responsible of clearing TextMaestro remnants after un-installing the program. See above.